BMW receives backlash over distasteful COVID-19 Tweet

BMW receives backlash over distasteful COVID-19 Tweet
BMW’s i brand got some serious backlash from Twitter March 24, after it posted a Tweet advertising its new special-edition i8 Ultimate Sophisto Edition – a send-off for the defunct model – using some, well, not-so-tasteful hashtags.

“Be the roadblock of the outbreak and make your own contribution to #FlattenTheCurve,” it read. Besides being arguably insensitive, it didn’t even make sense.

The Tweet was promptly deleted, roughly an hour after it was posted, as was the employee who wrote it, we’d assume.

How does going out to buy a new vehicle flatten the curve? If anything, you’ll be exposing yourself to more people and potentially coronavirus.

So, big fail on that front, BMW. It’s clear this was just an attempt to get on board the most trending hashtag, but a misguided one, we’d say.

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On the other hand, Twitter is often fickle, making us wonder whether the critics who boo-ed it into deletion really had a legitimate criticism, or simply nothing better to do in quarantine.

Sure, it seems distasteful to try and hock your product while people are dying, but does BMW really deserve the entire internet jumping on its back? If this was an ad for Charmin toilet paper, the tweet would probably get on the cover of Time magazine.

We are sorry. Our last Tweet caused some irritation, and you were right in your criticism.

Our main intention these days is to share optimistic and helpful content to brighten up your days. We are all in this together.

We can do better and we will.

BMW Tweeted again to apologize for the insensitivity. Tweeters didn’t take that too kindly, either, but it doesn’t matter, because people on Twitter are going to be jerks no matter what.
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