Fiat reveals that Fifi is the most popular name for the Fiat 500

Fiat reveals that Fifi is the most popular name for the Fiat 500
In honor of the reveal of the Royal Baby name, Fiat has announced the five most popular names for the Fiat 500 based on personalized name sticker orders: Fifi tops the list.

Earlier this week the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that their little boy s name has been selected: Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. To celebrate, Fiat did some research of their own and discovered that the Fiat 500 s most popular name choice is Fifi.

This fact was determined based on which names were requested most frequently for the free personalized name stickers that the company offers to Fiat owners. Fifi came in first, followed by Bella, Luigi, Minty, and lastly Freddie.

Mopar service, parts, and customer care director John MacDonald commented on the popularity of the name stickers stating that "The fantastic response we had from owners shows how the Fiat 500 is so much more than a car to its owners, it becomes a member of the family."

Fiat 500 owners can order their own name sticker until the end of June. MacDonald predicts that, in response to the naming of the royal baby, the popularity of Archie is going to be on the rise.
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