Final Bugatti Legend to debut at Pebble Beach

Final Bugatti  Legend  to debut at Pebble Beach
In a fitting end to the series, the sixth and final exclusive edition of the Bugatti Veyron will honor the company s founder and be unveiled in California, in the very same spot where the collection was launched just one year ago.

In 2013, Bugatti announced that it would create six very special editions of the already very special Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse. Each would be inspired by a legendary figure within the brand s history, each of the six vehicles in the series would be limited to just three examples and each would come with a 2.35 million price tag.

And as the Bugatti Veyron itself gets ready to say farewell (production is expected to cease in 2015) it is only right that the final special edition is dedicated to Ettore Bugatti himself, the Milanese man whose love of speed, passion for technology and obsession with performance and perfection led to the birth of the brand itself in 1909.

As such, the Bugatti Legend "Ettore Bugatti" attempts to reflect the great man s love of purity and of natural materials. The exterior features hand-polished, clear-coated aluminum paneling and it will contrast against dark blue exposed carbon fiber.

Inside the cabin is wrapped in two tonnes of cordovan leather and a platinum coated dancing elephant emblem -- a reference to the badge that Bugatti s brother designed and which features on a number of early cars -- takes pride of place between the driver and passenger seat.

But as well as exquisite craftsmanship and extreme exclusivity, the car, like all Veyrons, is incredibly fast. A top speed of 409kph (254mph) and a 0-100kph time of 2.6 seconds makes it the fastest convertible in the world.
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