Kia to take on Tesla, Porsche and everybody with a sports crossover EV: report

Kia to take on Tesla, Porsche and everybody with a sports crossover EV: report
Kia, so far a me-too player in the EV market, is looking to step up its game from “Well, we had to make one” to Tesla challenger via one truly remarkable sports crossover.

The first thing to note is its Model X-like range of 500 kilometres. Then there’s the Porsche Taycan-like 800- volt charging system, which allows a complete recharge in just 20 minutes.

And to top it all off, there’s the rumour it will rocket to 100 kilometres an hour from rest in a very Ferrari-like 3.0 seconds.

Those are heady hood ornaments for decidedly working-class Kia to be competing with. That’s especially true since its current fully electric products – the Soul and Niro – have not exactly set the world on fire here in North America (though, to be fair, in Europe, where EVs are even more necessary to meet CO2 regulations, the electrified Biro and Soul represent six per cent of the company’s sales so far in 2020).

Hyundai and Rimac will work together to make two electric sports cars

This new crossover looks to be far more successful. For one thing, if it is based on , then it will be sexy as all get-out. For another, the powertrain has been developed in conjunction with Rimac , they of the stupefyingly quick Concept One supercar.

Like Ford – whose partnership with Rivian is supposed to bring an electrified F-150 to market faster – it seems Kia is looking to the Croatian company to speed up its transition to battery power. Though you may not have heard of Rimac, they bring some serious bona fides to the electric supercar segment, building the electrification portion of the Aston Martin Valkyrie; and batteries for Koenigsegg .

Again, those are heady names to be associating with Kia. Is the world ready for a super crossover from the Korean automaker? It looks like we’ll find out in less than 18 months.
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