Lamborghini set to raise the roof in Frankfurt with its latest dreamcar

Lamborghini set to raise the roof in Frankfurt with its latest dreamcar
The latest hard-top iteration of Lamborghini s flagship car is essentially a host of physics-defying numbers and outputs wrapped in a carbon fiber shell. So much so that the only way to improve on its performance is to make it a convertible.

"The new Aventador S Roadster sets new benchmarks in technology and performance on both road and track, with the roadster version adding a new dimension in driving enjoyment," said CEO, Stefano Domenicali.

Thanks to a wonderful mid-mounted naturally aspirated V12 calling the shots, the Roadster will rocket from standstill to 100km/h in 3.0 seconds and will top out at an eye-watering 217mph (350km/h).

That engine can also send 740hp and 690Nm of torque to whichever wheel needs it most, thanks to its intelligent all-wheel drive system which, in concert with four-wheel steering, is set up to inspire confidence but will step in before things get out of hand.

However, it wouldn t be a true Lamborghini without some sort of nod to irresponsibility or risk taking. In the case of the Roadster S it s in the driving settings. You can choose from Strada (i.e., highway driving); Sport ; Corsa (on track race mode); and Ego . This is what the company s decided to call its personal preference mode, where the owner can set up each of the car s elements to suit his or her particular driving style.

And although the new car shares its powerplant, stability control systems and underpinnings with the hardtop Aventador S, the Roadster has its own visual personality. Lamborghini has made some subtle adjustments to improve aerodynamics when the roof is down and has totally redesigned the car s rear deck. There s an engine bridge piece that runs to the tip of the rear and if you so choose, the carbon fiber engine blades that sit on either side of it can be replaced with transparent material so that the engine is on full display.

However, when it comes to the roof, things are very simple. For example, on a Mazda MX5-RF pushing a button automatically turns the car from a hardtop to a targa. Aventador S Roadster owners will have to physically remove two carbon fiber panels and store them in the cabin. Thankfully, they weigh less than 6kg.

The rear window can be raised or lowered electronically so that air can run through the cabin when the roof is up, or can be prevented from buffering the occupants when the roof panels are stowed.

And even with extra strengthening to the body to compensate for removing the hard top, the new car is just 50kg heavier than the Aventador S.

"The Aventador S Roadster offers the thrill of open air driving without compromising on driving dynamics or the occupants comfort," Domenicali said.
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