Nissan Gives Video Preview of the Next Z

After years of rumors and speculation, we re finally starting to get some meat on the bones regarding the next generation of the Nissan Z. This time, Nissan itself is the source of the dirt, with the release of a short video that delivers a first glimpse of the model.

It s about time, you might say. The version currently on sale made its debut in 2009, a lifetime ago. More recently, many fans were gnawing at their nails with worry over what might befall the Z, especially as to the possibility that Nissan might change orientation completely with the model.

These folks can rest easy. The video confirms that the next chapter in the life of the iconic Z will see it take the form of a low-slung coupe, with a definite retro feel.

Recall that a few weeks ago, the company changed the Z s logo, bringing it closer to the one that sported the early editions of the model.

Photo: Nissan

Nissan Z, rear

From the rather darkly-lit video, we can see that the next-gen Z’s designers took their inspiration from the 240Z to give the coupe a relatively low nose, LED headlights that each form a circle, sculpted rear wheel arches and a very tapered roofline. The Z emblems placed directly behind the small rear side windows provide another visual link to the 1969 original. The rear will feature horizontal lights similar to those found on the 300ZX, although this is not shown in the video.

Sources who saw the car at a dealer meeting (and naturally asked to remain anonymous) reported that the car comes with a touchscreen multimedia system, while its interior design is reminiscent of the Altima and Sentra. The two-seat configuration is retained and the trunk capacity is generous, for a coupe anyways.

Powertrain details aren t officially known either, but speculation is that the next Z will benefit from a reworked version of the 3.0L twin-turbo V6 engine found in the Infiniti Q50 and Q60 400 Red Sport. It will send its power to the rear wheels via a 6-speed manual transmission or through a 9-speed automatic unit.

Once the regular version is on the market, the lineup will probably be expanded with the addition of a NISMO variant with the same powertrain, which would offer some 500 hp.

We re only just beginning to discover this next-generation Z. Nissan will be releasing more information about the coupe in the coming weeks, and it s not unrealistic to think we ll see it for the first time by this point next year. Of course, given the current epidemic, it could make its grand entrance online. The vehicle should be available commercially in 2021.
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