The Newest BMWs Can Back Up Without Your Help

I recently test-drove both the new 2019 BMW 8 Series car and the latest edition of the X5 SUV from the German automaker. One of the points in common of these two otherwise distinct models is the slew of new technologies each features – many of them even impressive! One functionality new to the game is the ability of the vehicle to back up without human help, after having memorized the last 50 metres driven.

The function is part of the park assist suite of systems offered in the latest generation of new BMW vehicles. In a nutshell, the system records and retains in memory the last 50 metres driven by the car moving forward (as long as it’s moving at under 36 km/h). In other words, no matter where you park, your way in has been memorized. When it’s time to leave, your vehicle can extricate itself in reverse by following the exact line borrowed to get in.

Operating the system is child’s play. When the driver is at the wheel and sets the car in reverse gear, a series of icons appear on the multimedia screen, to the right of the backup camera image. The only role the human operator plays then is to control the car’s speed using the gas and brake pedals. The system stays functional only at speeds of 9 km/h or less.
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