This 400-horse Porsche 356 RSR restomod has some mad style

This 400-horse Porsche 356 RSR restomod has some mad style
This is Emory Motorsports’ latest piece, a resto-modified 400-horsepower 356 RSR, built to resemble the 935 motorsports cars of the 1970s.

The project began with a rather worn 1960 Porsche 356B T5 coupe and resulted in the moody and futuristic high-performance machine you see here.

“It started back in 2012 when I had my friend Greg Macey sketch a concept I had had in mind for quite some time,” said Rod Emory, shop founder, in a press release.

“The idea was to create an homage to the Porsche works 935 cars of the 1970s while retaining our Emory 356 Outlaw styling.”


Over the four years it took to complete the project, the shop’s Porsche experts took the 1960s donor car with a healthy roof and garbage side panels and gave it the full Emory treatment.

As they did with the first AWD 356 ever, they incorporated aspects of a mid-’90s 911 964 to create “a seamless super-performance concoction whose 356 silhouette is artfully preserved…”

With the two unibodies merged, Emory was able to drop the 393-horsepower twin-turbo Outlaw-4 engine it developed in partnership with Rothsport Racing into the 1,950-pound car. Power is transferred via a five-speed manual transmission.

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The hot-rodded Porsche now features removable nose and tail bodywork in hand-formed aluminum, including an aluminum deck lid and bonnet. To get air moving around and relieve pressure in certain areas like the wheel wells, Emory built in louvers and front fender stand-offs. They also added mesh grilles for the cooling ducts and inlets in the rear fenders.

The 356’s original panels were replaced by modified Porsche 911 rocker panels and Plexiglass side and quarter windows.

Emory figures that now when anyone hears the words ‘Darth Vader’ and ‘Porsche 356’ in the same sentence, they’ll think of this car, which is finished in Meteorite Matte Metallic. Not sure how often those two actually come up in the same breath, but OK.
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