Toyota creates electric People Mover for 2020 Olympic Games

Toyota creates electric  People Mover  for 2020 Olympic Games
Toyota announced that the company is developing an electric "Accessible People Mover" specially designed for shuttling visitors during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

This week Toyota provided details on the Accessible People Mover, an electric shuttle designed to offer Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games staff and visitors with a "last one mile" transportation solution.

The company designed this vehicle specially for next year s Olympic and Paralympic Games to provide "Mobility for All," including those with accessibility needs. People with impairments, the elderly, pregnant women, and families with young children are among those expected to especially benefit from the APM.

Six people (including the driver) can be transported in the shuttle s three rows at once. The seats making up row two can be folded up to make space for those using a wheelchair, and a zone in this part of the vehicle has also been reserved for a stretcher flanked by two relief staff workers.

Each AMP is expected to have a range of about 62 miles and be able to reach a maximum speed of nearly 12 mph.

About 200 shuttles are expected to be used at the 2020 Games assisting not only with transporting staff and guests but also offering relief following events.
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