A&W Canada to put bleeding burger on menu

A&W Canada to put  bleeding burger  on menu
A&W Canada s Beyond Burger A&W Canada s Beyond Burger ( CNW Group/A&W Food Services of Canada Inc._


Published Thursday, June 21, 2018 2:05PM EDT

A&W will become the first national burger chain in Canada to put the much-hyped plant-based bleeding burger on its menu.

The fast food chain has struck a partnership with Beyond Meat that will bring the plant-based burgers to its 925 locations across Canada starting July 9.

Beyond Meat and other brands like it, notably Impossible Burger, were developed specifically to look, smell, cook and taste like regular meat.

The Beyond Meat burger is touted as a healthier and environmentally friendly alternative to animal proteins, that mimics the smell and taste of beef.
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