Fast fashion: Zara promises all its clothes will be sustainable by 2025

Fast fashion: Zara promises all its clothes will be sustainable by 2025
Reacting to the news, Friends of the Earth told Radio 1 Newsbeat it would be "better for everyone if the industry sold clothes made to last."

Over the past few years, a lot of what we buy has been criticised for being fast fashion - clothes we barely use.

From next year, containers will appear in Zara stores to collect your old clothes so they can be reused or recycled into new items.

Some people in the fashion industry have been calling for more clothes recycling in order to protect the environment - while politicians think .

People in the UK send 235 million items of clothing to landfill each year, according to the most recent figures.

Friends of the Earth told Newsbeat that high street chains can do more to tackle the environmental problems caused by fast fashion.

"Part of the problem is there are too many brands, with opaque supply chains, making a completely ridiculous amount of clothes," spokeswoman Muna Suleiman said.

"They rely on creating trends so shoppers are pressured to come back to buy more stuff each season."

Zara is one of the stores not to currently use plastic bags and Inditex, the company that owns the chain, says that by 2020 it will eliminate the use of plastic bags across all of its brands.
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