M&S defends Little Shop toy giveaway despite backlash

M&S defends Little Shop toy giveaway despite backlash
Marks & Spencer says a controversial giveaway plastic toy campaign will continue despite protests from environment-conscious customers.

The retailer is offering miniature replicas of its most popular food items in a promotion called Little Shop.

There are 25 of the toys and shoppers get one free for every £20 spent.

But some shoppers have taken to social media to denounce M&S for producing needless plastic waste, while others have complained about the high cost.

Each toy comes in a wrapper, making it impossible to see which one it is until it is opened.

Even if it were possible to be sure of getting a different one every time, it would still be necessary to spend a minimum of £500 to get a complete set.

The store chain s head of sustainability, Carmel McQuaid, has appeared in a YouTube video in an effort to reassure customers that the promotion will not harm the environment.

She said that sustainability was "at the heart" of the Little Shop collectables and that M&S would recycle any unwanted toys.

But one customer commented: "Major fail M&S who clearly are not listening to the public tide of anti-single use plastic."
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