NatWest worker told customer vegans should be punched

NatWest worker told customer  vegans should be punched
NatWest also offered the woman compensation of just under £200.

Image caption The woman said the NatWest employee made her feel "really uncomfortable"

The woman said after the man told her "all vegans should be punched in the face" he explained it was because vegan activists had drawn pictures of animals and written messages such as "friends not food" in chalk on pavements near where he lived.

He felt "vegans were forcing their beliefs on to him", she added.

"He wasn t happy to be speaking to me at all, his tone was really unpleasant. Being vegan is a lifestyle choice, I shouldn t be penalised for it, especially by a big organisation. It s extremely unfair."

She told BBC Radio Bristol the exchange, on 23 January, made her feel "really uncomfortable".

NatWest said: "We are extremely sorry for the way our customer was treated by a member of our staff and apologise for any distress and upset that this behaviour caused.

"These comments were wholly inappropriate and we have commenced disciplinary proceedings.

"We have also provided feedback to the relevant sections of the bank to ensure that lessons are learnt so that a situation like this never happens again."

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