New organization aims to make Alberta global centre for Internet of Things

New organization aims to make Alberta global centre for  Internet of Things
Mark Scantlebury, the organization’s chair, said Alberta is well-positioned to capitalize on recent growth in this sector.

“Alberta finds itself in a unique position because of the people we have from a once-thriving telecommunications industry, and a strong industrial sector driven by oil and gas,” said Scantlebury, who is also president and CEO of Calgary-based Extreme Telematics Corp., an industrial automation company that is about to unveil a new Internet of Things platform

“With advancements in complementary technologies, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain and 5G wireless, the possibilities are endless.”

The new Alberta IoT organization will work to increase exposure of the Internet of Things industry as well as provide regular networking events and technology showcase opportunities for members. Scantlebury said there is interest in eventually launching an Internet of Things hub that would provide shared lab space, coaching and mentorship for entrepreneurs working in the sector.

“Long-term, we want to create an ecosystem that allows other IoT companies to be created to make us that worldwide leader,” he said. “We think we can be the farming organization to help make more of us.”
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