No wrinkles as Superdrug offers Botox

No wrinkles as Superdrug offers Botox
Surgeons have warned about the health risks of Botox and fillers, after a High Street retailer said it would start offering the cosmetic treatments.

Superdrug said it would provide the injections at one of its London branches, following feedback from nearly 10,000 customers.

But surgeons warned that the procedures were not "casual beauty treatments".

The injections could sometimes result in infection and potentially even paralysis in facial muscles, they said.

Superdrug said it would be making Botox and dermal fillers available to people over the age of 25.

The Skin Renew Service, which has launched in the retailer s London Strand store before being rolled out nationwide, is available only following a phone booking and a consultation with a qualified nurse.

The treatments start at £99 and will be carried out in a private consultation room.

Caris Newson, head of health and wellbeing services at Superdrug, said: "We re listening to what people are telling us they would like, which is the reassurance that if they choose to have aesthetic treatments then it will be administered by highly qualified nurse practitioners in a private consultation room."

But the British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons warned that Botox and dermal fillers should not be seen as "casual beauty treatments" like eyebrow threading or waxing.

Spokesman Gerard Lambe said: "Administering an injection of any kind is a very serious procedure and requires an experienced and qualified health professional.

"All kinds of risks can arise, from infection to incorrectly applied needle placement over delicate facial muscles - which can lead to paralysis."

It comes after it was announced last week that .

The voluntary register was opened by the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners in April to everyone trained to a high standard.
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