Sex work paid my student bills. Now I regret it

Sex work paid my student bills. Now I regret it
The individual, who does not want to be named, said he visited men when he was a teenage student to earn between £20 and £120 a time.

"That line of work was sort of always on my radar as an easy way to make money in tough times. I only did it when I really needed it," he said.

Eventually, his parents found out and put a stop to it. He never talked to anyone else, including a subsequent girlfriend, about what had happened.

He now has a job, but says he is not in a position to preach to other students who are struggling for money.

"I regret it looking back. But if I was put back in that same situation, I might do the same thing," he said.

A survey of students suggested that one in 25 undergraduates have tried adult work, including sugar dating by going out with older men, selling used underwear and having sex for money.

The National Student Money Survey , by website Save the Student, gathers the views of more than 3,000 people currently studying.

The proportion of those asked - who had done some kind of adult work - was double the proportion of the previous year.

An additional 6% of students said they would try adult work if they needed emergency cash.

Nearly four in five students worried about making ends meet, according to the survey which was published in August.
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