2019 Juno organizers hoping for noise bylaw exemption

2019 Juno organizers hoping for noise bylaw exemption

As the 2019 Juno Awards draw closer, organizers are hoping city hall will allow outdoor events to run later than normally permitted.

From March 14-17, they’re asking for an extension of a bylaw that says sound coming from outdoor stages must end by 11 p.m.

Juno Week Host Committee chair Chris Campbell says organizers aren’t expecting programming to run that long but granting the exemption would give them more flexibility as they continue planning for the event.

“Things happen, whether you may have a delay here or there,” he explained.

“We’re not making any suggestions of being loud or anything, it’s more just being able to go longer if and when we need to. And because we haven’t finalized all the details of what’s going on in there and who is playing and the acts and that type of thing, we want to be able to put on a great show. This just gives us the ability to do that.”

Extensions have been granted in the past, including for Country Music Week in 2016.

Campbell was the chair of that event and says its organizers only received a handful of complaints.

“At that time, the weather was gorgeous and sunny. People were wearing shorts, windows were open and it was out in the open,” he said.

“This time, we’re in the middle of March… I would think that most windows are closed. I would not anticipate any problem. This is an exemption that’s definitely warranted.”

The public is allowed to weigh in on the request on Tuesday during a meeting of the City of London’s Community and Protective Services Committee.
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