287 COVID-19 investigations on Alberta First Nation amid jump in cases

287 COVID-19 investigations on Alberta First Nation amid jump in cases
The chief of the Siksika First Nation says a curfew has been put in place to control the spread of COVID-19. There are 10 active cases of the illness connected to the reserve and more than 300 case investigations.


CALGARY -- A First Nation east of the city of Calgary has ordered a curfew to be put in place as a result of a spike in suspected COVID-19 cases.

Chief Ouray Crowfoot of the Siksika First Nation made the announcement Friday following a meeting with his council members about the outbreak.

"Based on the information, council has decided to institute a temporary curfew on the nation," Chief Crowfoot said in his statement.

The curfew would be in place from 11 p.m. until 5 a.m. each day until it is no longer needed.

"The goal of this curfew is to help control the spread of this virus," Crowfoot continued. "Should you need to be out past this curfew for work or other reasons, we can address these on an as needed basis."

Anyone found to be in violation of the curfew will be reported to Gleichen RCMP.

Earlier this week, officials on the First Nation into possible COVID-19 cases. Just five days earlier, there were 58 investigations.

By Saturday afternoon, the nation said there are 287 active investigations ongoing. There are currently 11 active cases of the illness and more than100 individuals or households both on and off the reserve are under isolation orders.
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