Boil water advisory ended for Prince Rupert — but it may have been all for nothing

Boil water advisory ended for Prince Rupert — but it may have been all for nothing
It’s been three months, and residents in Prince Rupert no longer have to boil their water.

A boil water advisory began in December when tests showed too much Cryptosporidium in the water, but Northern Health says the results were likely a false positive.

It took the city and Northern Health having to send samples to a different lab in Alberta to notice there were no problems.

But for Amarjit Sandhu, an employee at Prince Rupert’s Rodhos Pizza, it doesn’t matter if the results were false — boiling water has been a pain to business.

“We need water for rice, we need water for salad, we need it for this and that. It takes a very long (time); we had a very hard time,” Sandhu said.

In a statement on Prince Rupert’s city website, Mayor Lee Brain says he stands by the city’s decision to put a boil water notice in effect, saying: “[It] was the best action to take from a public health perspective based on our understanding at the time.”

Brain went on to call the situation a learning experience.

“This incident has helped both us at the city and Northern Health better understand potential risk from protozoa and has improved our standard for testing and monitoring water quality going ahead,” the mayor added.
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