Aggressive elk charge at people in Banff area: Parks Canda

Aggressive elk charge at people in Banff area: Parks Canda

Parks Canada is warning about elk showing aggressive behaviour in the Banff area after people were charged at by the animals.

The warning, put out on Nov, 11., states female elk have been spotted in the Tunnel Mountain trails and surrounding areas.

They’ve also been known to act defensively and charge at people that come too close, Parks Canada said.

Parks Canada issues map of areas affected by aggressive elk in Banff

Parks Canada

Officials advised people in the area to avoid forest trails, as well as stay a minimum of 30 meters away from elk and their calves at all times.

Officials also reminded the public to travel in groups with some form of protection including pepper spray, an umbrella or a walking stick. People are also encouraged to keep dogs on a leash.
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