Alberta government to support safe withdrawal site for Blood Tribe

Alberta government to support safe withdrawal site for Blood Tribe
The Alberta government releasing a statement Thursday, stating that they will be providing $2.2 million over two years for startup and operational costs for the new program.

“The Blood Tribe has developed a community-based solution to help ease the current overdose crisis,” said Minister of Health Sarah Hoffman said in a release Thursday.

“Our government is proud to provide funding for this new program. We will continue to work with the Blood Tribe to ensure they have the support they need to provide treatment and care for people affected by substance use.”

Paramedics will now be able to give patients who have overdosed the option of going to the safe withdrawal management site to receive health assessment, interventions, and access to local resources and programs.

“Premier Notley, Minister Hoffman and the Alberta Cabinet have been sincerely appreciative and helpful in combating the opioid crisis that has plagued our people over the last few years,” said Blood Tribe Chief Roy Fox in a release. “We thank them for their continued involvement and providing additional resources towards the medical treatment centre that our Health Board, Department and Council have initiated.

“Many other departments, tribal members and others have worked collaboratively towards ending this drug problem and we thank them for their courage and commitment. May our Creator help those of our people who are addicted to overcome their problems and seek the help that is being offered by trained people and especially our spiritual leaders.”

Patients will also have the option of attending the Kainai Transition Society to support recovery and transition back into the community.
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