Albertans save drowning buck, locked to another deer’s antlers

Albertans save drowning buck, locked to another deer’s antlers
“I just came upon these deer stuck together,” he said. “I could tell right away the one was dead. ”

The living buck was struggling to stay alive and out of the icy water.

“He’s like, ‘who do I call, what do I do? ” His daughter says about the call. “And before we even knew how to respond to that, we were grabbing blankets and a saw and headed out the door.”

She immediately called a Fish and Wildlife officer and kept him on the phone as they approached the deer.

“He informed me he was an hour away so he stayed on the phone and I kind of just narrated him through the whole process; what we were doing.”

They say they were planning to wait for the officer, but when the deer began to drown, they intervened.

Her boyfriend, Frank, had the saw and said when they walked up, the deer was “spooked and flipped himself into the water, like completely upside down.”

Then things escalated to the point where Ploude got in the water. Frank said he heard him yell: “Frank, grab my arm!”
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