Assiniboine Park Zoo re-opens, recovering from snow storm

Assiniboine Park Zoo re-opens, recovering from snow storm
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Power has been restored to the Assiniboine Park Zoo and as a result, people can once again visit their favourite furry friends.

The zoo will be open Monday until 5 p.m. with discounted admission, said a spokesperson for the Assinboine Park Conservancy, and the Park Cafe will also be open until 4 p.m.

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The Pavilion is also expected to open Monday.

“We would like to thank our staff who worked tirelessly over the last few days to care for animals, clean up after the storm, and keep essential services running,” reads a statement from the zoo.

The conservancy’s Bruce Keats, however, said they’re still dealing with the park’s trees.

“We’ve got hundreds of trees down,” he said.

“We’ll still be assessing the damage next week in terms of what the actual inventory of the trees are that we have that have been damaged.”

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The park’s crews have been working  “around the clock” to remove trees and branches that pose a danger to visitors, said Keats.

“On a lot of of our pathways, along the river, and certainly on the zoo property, we’ve had a number of branches broken off that have caused significant damage to some of our exhibits.”

Keats said a number of citizens have helped clear paths, but said they expect to be cleaning up for another week.

“We’re so thankful for the citizens of Winnipeg that enjoy the park and the zoo … we’re blessed with a number of great teams that have come in and sort of helped us get back to some state of normalcy.”
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