B.C. family honours loved one killed in Ethiopian Airlines crash

B.C. family honours loved one killed in Ethiopian Airlines crash
Wang, who was the owner of Big O Tires in Vernon, was travelling to Africa to complete some final paperwork so his family could become permanent residents of Canada.

He was travelling from Vancouver to Kenya with a connection in Ethiopia. The plane crashed into a field just minutes after takeoff, killing everyone on board.

Wang’s wife, daughter and extended family travelled to Ethiopia to collect his body, but it could be months before the remains are identified.

“We’re here to bring something back, but the belongings they didn’t give us this time,” his daughter, Allison Wang, said.

The only thing Ethiopian officials could offer the family was some charred soil from the crash site.

According to Chinese tradition, a person’s soul will pass onto the next world seven days after death.

With no body to bury, the family built an effigy consisting of his clothes and favourite foods.

Allison says her father loved to cook.

“He’s a perfect dad,” she said. “He cooked everything for me. I miss every dish he cooked for me.”
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