Blood donation clinic honours fallen Halifax firefighter

Blood donation clinic honours fallen Halifax firefighter
A special blood donation clinic is happening in Halifax this week in memory of Kyle Currie, a firefighter who lost his life to post-traumatic stress disorder last year.

Kyle Currie was a 10-year veteran firefighter with the Halifax Regional Fire Department and devoted his life to giving back to his community. To mark what would have been his 35th birthday, Kyle’s family and friends wanted to commemorate the special day and give back, just as he would.

“Kyle was very giving,” says Kyle’s mother, Claudia. “He had been a volunteer with the Parker Street Food Bank since he was six years old and always giving to different charities though his life.”

“It’s very heartwarming and I know Kyle would be very proud of everyone that’s here today.”

Firefighter Annette Thompson knows the trauma first responders face on a day-to-day basis. She was one of the main organizers for the event and says Kyle was a giver who would be proud to see his fellow firefighters and friends giving back.

“We show up on the scene of an accident or an illness or a fire and it’s the worst day in somebody else’s life. And for us, we’re helpers. We want to be able to help and there’s time that we just can only do so much,” Thompson said.

“So by being able to go and donate blood we’re able to do that little bit more off the job as well as on the job.”

One in two Canadians are eligible to give blood. However, less than 4 per cent actually do on a regular basis.  Peter MacDonald with Canadian Blood Services says it’s important to create awareness about donating blood.

“We certainly host these events on a regular basis. It’s so important to be able to celebrate someone like Kyle and as well all first responders because they know so much the importance and it’s a great tool for us to create awareness of the blood system,” MacDonald said.

Kyle’s friend and co-worker Michael Sears says people like Kyle don’t come along very often and describes him as everyone’s number one fan.

“He was so kind to everyone around him,” Sears said. “I think if we could be just a little bit kinder to each other and people we don’t know and give a little of ourselves, I think that’s … what I’m thinking about when I think of my friend Kyle.”
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