Burn survivor speaks in support of Hometown Heroes Lottery

Burn survivor speaks in support of Hometown Heroes Lottery
“It would have taken twice as long,” she said.

Freeman’s burns happened seven years ago when she was cooking porridge in her pyjamas.

“You just hear this ‘whoomph’. It’s like, ‘Oh my god, I’m on fire’.”

“I tried to do a stop, drop and roll because I learned that as a kid a long time ago, but it doesn’t work on [linoleum] with a chemical fire,” she said.

Freeman ran outside and rolled in the snow, but not before flames engulfed her front upper body. She lost part of her ears and has scars to this day.

She also had to learn to walk again.

Every year, the Burn Fund helps more than 1,600 British Columbians who suffer from severe burns and trauma.

“There’s lots of us out there. And it’s not just the ones you hear on the news. When a house burns down, you hear about those. But my house didn’t burn down. It was just me,” Freeman said.

The Burn Fund is currently raising money through the Hometown Heroes Lottery.

The winner can pick from seven grand prize packages valued at more than $2 million. The packages include homes in South Surrey, Vancouver, Penticton, Lake Country or Vancouver Island, as well as various cars or cash.

The home in Lake Country has a wet bar, wine fridges, and even a special popcorn corner. The three-bedroom house comes fully furnished with a stunning view.

“It’s a 2600-square-foot bungalow, or rancher walkout, with a suspended garage, with a theatre room under it,” Randy Therrien, Candel Custom Homes president, said.

Money raised from the lottery goes towards public education and burn survivor support, including a summer camp for dozens of kids.

“It’s a place where they can come and they can see other kids that have visible scarring and they have similar trauma that they’ve been through,” Patrick Barton, B.C. Burn Fund’s director, said. “So they can show their scars like a badge of honour, rather than something to be ashamed of.”
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