Calgary teacher gets national award for innovation in the classroom

Calgary teacher gets national award for innovation in the classroom
There’s something special to celebrate at Calgary’s St. Joseph School this week – an elementary teacher is getting a national award from the Royal Canadian Geographical Society .

Paula Huddy is travelling to Ottawa to be recognized as the 2017 winner of the society’s “Innovation in Geography Teaching” award.

“I’m the only teacher in Canada getting this award this year,” Huddy said.

Huddy was recognized for projects like a video she created two years ago with her Grade 2 class.

Set to the tune of the Vanilla Ice song, Ice Ice Baby, the students wrote Ice Bear Baby, focusing on how climate change is hurting polar bears in Canada’s Arctic.

“We chose Ice Ice Baby because we were talking about the ice,” student Mathias Rankin said. “How it’s melting.”

“I think it’s a good idea that Mrs. Huddy should get the award,” student Ben Oliverio said. “Because she’s been teaching us a lot of things that we’ve never known.”

“She’s amazing,” student Matilda Kerry said. “She really cares.”

“Just our small little actions will help the polar bears,” Huddy told her class.

“So you guys are going to be the change that we need for Canada.”

Huddy gets her Canadian geographic award Thursday in Ottawa, receiving it from Alex Trebek, the long-time host of the TV show Jeopardy.
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