Canadian ambassador to brief MPs on rift with China in closed-door meeting

Canadian ambassador to brief MPs on rift with China in closed-door meeting
Canada’s ambassador to Beijing will brief a select group of MP’s in Ottawa Friday morning on the current rocky relations between Canada and China .

John McCallum is scheduled to appear before an all-party parliamentary committee for one hour to field questions about the situation involving three Canadians in China.

But Canadians outside the room won’t hear McCallum speak.

That’s because the foreign affairs committee agreed Thursday to hold the meeting behind closed doors, given the sensitive nature of what he might have to say.

McCallum told reporters late Wednesday that two Canadians detained last month in China are being interrogated by authorities for up to four hours a day.

He also credited the Trudeau government’s efforts to get allies to rally in support of Canada’s position, but said Canada needs to engage the senior Chinese leaders and persuade them that what they are doing is not good for China’s image in the world.

China recently detained Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor and imposed a death sentence on B.C. resident Robert Schellenberg for drug smuggling.
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