Candy, drinks and more: pot shops pumped up for ‘Weed 2.0’

Candy, drinks and more: pot shops pumped up for ‘Weed 2.0’
Those in the business are calling it “Weed 2.0”.

Starting next week marijuana edibles (to eat or drink), topicals (to apply to skin, hair or nails) and extracts (to be ingested or inhaled) will start hitting store shelves. One Regina-area pot shop owner is predicting they’ll be a game-changer for the industry.

“Ever since we opened on Day 1 people have been asking for them,” said Vatic Vo. Owner Allen Kilback. “I think our sales are going to double. There’s a whole new round of consumers.”

“We will see brand new consumers come in, people who want to experiment with cannabis but don’t want to smoke.”

For comparison, the state of California, legalized recreational marijuana in 2016, already appears to be seeing large non-flower cannabis product sales. , “concentrates” and “ingestibles” made up 45% of all cannabis sales in 2018.

Kilback said edibles will typically be manufactured by licensed producers to contain THC in increments of 2.5 mg up to a Health Canada-mandated maximum of 10 mg THC per package.

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He said the small increments will help users find their ideal dosage, something more difficult to do when smoking.

“Every body reacts differently to Cannabis,” Kilback  “With edibles you’ll know exactly what you’re taking.”

An estimation of legal cannabis market share across Canada compiled using publicly available data by University of Regina Economist Jason Childs.
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