City of London develops online resources for residents ahead of federal election

City of London develops online resources for residents ahead of federal election
A sign points voters towards a polling station at City Hall in London, Ont., on Monday, October 22, 2018. London is the first municipality to adopt a ranked ballot system in Canada.



In the lead-up to the federal election , the City of London has developed several online resources to help local residents understand issues within the community that would be impacted by the federal government.

The city says it is trying to help Londoners connect with candidates on issues that are important to the local community.

“It’s critically important for Londoners to engage with the candidates who are seeking their vote, especially on issues of such local significance,” said Mayor Ed Holder.

The resources can be accessed on the City of London’s website under the 2019 federal election section, which outlines issues such as mental health, addiction, affordable housing and economic priorities.

There is also a section addressing climate change and the financial cost the city expects it will have on London in the coming years.

According to the website, extreme weather caused by climate change will cost Canada $5 billion annually by 2020, with that figure forecast to reach a staggering $43 billion by 2050.

The city said it is working to address emissions and planning for climate resiliency but that the need far outweighs what cities can do on their own.

“The federal government has an integral role to play in London’s success, and we owe it to ourselves and our city to ensure our voice is heard loud and clear,” said Holder.

“It’s our hope this information will assist Londoners in participating in constructive, meaningful dialogue with local candidates about issues that truly matter.”

For people wanting to be better informed on federal politics and local issues heading into the election, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Building Better Lives website is another resource that is calling on all federal parties to commit to working better with all forms of government.

Londoners can use the Building Better Lives platform to compare how each of the parties measures up on issues that matter to local communities. Users can also view all of the party platforms in one place.

“It’s clear to all that city-building is nation-building,” said Coun. Josh Morgan, a member of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ national board of directors.

“At home, we are encouraging Londoners to ask about London when candidates are at your door. Across the country, FCM is providing important tools to connect directly with candidates on local priorities.”
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