Commando raids, car crashes, arrests: The fake-news Obamas lead wild, exciting lives

Commando raids, car crashes, arrests: The fake-news Obamas lead wild, exciting lives
If a grab bag of dodgy sites are to be believed, the Obamas live much more exciting lives now than they ever did in the White House. Consider:

What’s going on here? We get the sense of a hate machine that suffers somewhat from having run out of enemies (with control of the White House and both houses of Congress), and would be much happier in opposition.

One new branch targets the traditional media, as in these two disturbing videos released by the NRA.

Another, perhaps less flexible, tries to squeeze a few more outrage clicks out of Democrats who in the past had been in or near the White House — though you’d think that Hillary Clinton’s email server , for example, was exhausted as a subject.
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