Commissionaires picketing at RMC cause major traffic delays in Kingston

Commissionaires picketing at RMC cause major traffic delays in Kingston
Commuters travelling between Kingston’s east end and downtown were met with morning traffic on Thursday due to an ongoing Commissionaires strike.

Several Commissionaires were picketing outside the Royal Military College, where they have been on strike since June 24.

Kingston police and military police were on the scene directing vehicles to try to help with traffic flow.

I know the traffic tie ups this AM are frustrating #ygk RMC, but please don’t pull off into the right shoulder without looking. That’s a bike lane. And yeah I was in it. You have only three car lengths to go to turn right and the light was about to change.

According to Kingston police, the delays started to kick in around 7 a.m. when picketers began to block the entrance to the Royal Military College. The area cleared up around 9:30 a.m.

Stopping the flow of traffic into the college slowed traffic on Highway 2 as well as throughout downtown, where King, Queen and Ontario streets were also congested.

Talks have broken down between the workers’ union and the Corps of Commissionaires.

The union is seeking paid sick days in a new contract as well as a footwear allowance.

Patty Coates, secretary-treasurer of the Ontario Federation of Labour, came out to support the strikers on Thursday.

The picketers plan to be back in front of the college on Tuesday from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., and they expect members form other unions to be there with them to show support.
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