Concordia University alumna donates $15M, faculty of engineering named after her

Concordia University alumna donates $15M, faculty of engineering named after her
Concordia University alumna Gina Cody has made a historic $15-million donation to the school’s Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science.

She is the first woman to graduate with a PhD in building engineering from Concordia.

“I want this donation to inspire other proud Concordia graduates to come forward,” Cody said.

“The goal is that in 10 to 15 years, there will be so many examples like me that I am forgotten. I hope there will be so many women in science, engineering and technology that it’s no longer an issue.”

Since then, she has worked for three decades, becoming a highly successful engineering executive.

“I was respected for who I am because it was my knowledge and understanding in my practice,” she said.

Her gift is the largest to date and supports the Campaign for Concordia: Next-Gen to fund research and scholarships.

To thank Cody for her generous gift, the engineering faculty has been renamed the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science.
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