Coronavirus: 47 TTC buses added to busy morning routes to urge physical distancing

Coronavirus: 47 TTC buses added to busy morning routes to urge physical distancing
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The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) says it is adding dozens of buses to routes across the city identified as being busy and overcrowded to encourage physical distancing and slow the spread of COVID-19 .

“In order to reduce customer volume and allow for better physical distancing on buses, the TTC will provide a minimum of 47 extra buses for early AM and AM peak service on higher volume routes,” Stuart Green, spokesperson for the TTC, tweeted.

The transit system is asking riders to consider delaying non-essential trips until after 8 a.m. if possible. They are also asking riders to practise physical distancing at bus stops and aboard vehicles.

These are the routes to which a number of buses are being added during the peak morning commute:

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Stuart added that 14 supervisors have been assigned to key positions throughout the transit system to direct additional buses to where they are most needed on the high ridership routes.

“This is redeployed service and an increase in operator availability. This is a work in progress and we will monitor,” Stuart tweeted.
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