Coronavirus: Documenting Montreal residents in self-isolation amid COVID-19 pandemic

Coronavirus: Documenting Montreal residents in self-isolation amid COVID-19 pandemic

Some families are still struggling with self-isolation amid COVID-19 , even if they understand why it’s necessary.

But some Montreal photographers are helping families find a way to not only cope, but to give back to the community.

“Visiting families in their home where they’re isolated, having them come out to their front steps staying 10 feet back, and taking a portrait of this time in their life right now,” NDG family photographer Michelle Little explained of the idea while out in her neighbourhood, meeting some of the participants.

It’s all for free.  Little says more than a 120 families have signed up so far for her Front Steps project, since she posted the invitation on her website.  So she has two other photographers working with her, including Jen Arnold, also from NDG.

Photograph of NDG family in isolation by Michelle Little. Courtesy: Michelle Little.

Both say the goal is to help families break up the monotony of being isolated and to bring some company to those who might feel alone.

“Some people, they’re at home pregnant or they’re at home with a baby,” Little pointed out,  “and it’s very lonely.”
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