Coronavirus: Kelowna’s pedestrian trackers show shift in behavior

Coronavirus: Kelowna’s pedestrian trackers show shift in behavior
While the trackers can’t be used to catch people congregating together, they do illustrate where people are going to get outside, he added.

“On those multiuse trails that are wider, where people feel like they can social distance, we’re seeing a large bump of activity,” Worona said.

Worona estimates there has been a 20 per cent spike in the use of the rail trail, mostly in the afternoon and evenings.

“Basically nothing else is happening the rest of the day, and everything is happening in this evening time frame,” Worona said. “And that activity is so high, it’s bigger than we’ve ever seen before by a large margin.”

Worona also said more people are getting out on their bikes.

“Knowing that it’s probably easier to social distance when you’re on a bike, and people have kind of been hearing that from a whole bunch of different sources,” he said.

He said that the city hasn’t seen a drop this large or a change in trends this quickly since the pedestrian trackers were installed.
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