Crime Watch: St. Vital residents change behaviour with increased crime in neighbourhood

Crime Watch: St. Vital residents change behaviour with increased crime in neighbourhood
Residents in St. Vital have noticed an increase in property crimes over the last few years, something Winnipeg Police’s crime reports indicate as well.

Statistics show property crimes have increased by more than 17 per cent this year, with total crimes reported in the area rising from 8.73 per cent in August of 2018 to 12.39 per cent in August of 2019.

Safety in St. Vital

Residents we spoke to say their generally quiet neighbourhood has seen an increase of foot traffic in the area.

“Sometimes you see people walking with a big backpack or riding their bikes around and you wonder if they’re casing the neighbourhood,” St. Vital resident Joy said.

Broken windows, broken into sheds and people rummaging through cars seem to be what residents in the area see the most, however one homeowner found someone sleeping in her car.
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