Deer trapped in southwest Edmonton fence euthanized, residents call for change

Deer trapped in southwest Edmonton fence euthanized, residents call for change
At least two deer have been euthanized in as many weeks after becoming caught in fences in a southwest Edmonton neighbourhood, and the city said Thursday it is committed to making changes.

Perdeep Dhillon, who lives in Cameron Heights, said a fellow resident was walking in the neighbourhood on Tuesday and noticed a deer was trapped in the fence.

“As it was trying to clear the fence, it got its back leg caught through the top of the fence and was hanging there,” she explained Thursday afternoon.

Fish and Wildlife officers were called to the area to assess the animal.

“They realized it had been cut right from its groin through down to the top of its knee and the injuries were quite extensive, so they had to put the animal down.”

A deer was euthanized after it got stuck in a fence in Edmonton’s Cameron Heights neighbourhood.

Courtesy, Perdeep Dhillon

This is the second time in as many weeks a deer has become caught in the fence. A similar incident took place with a deer on Nov. 3, according to Alberta Fish and Wildlife.

Cameron Heights borders the river valley and it isn’t uncommon to see wildlife in the area.

Dhillon said much the River Pointe community in the neighbourhood is lined with the same black metal fencing.

“Although it’s a nice-looking fence, the top of the fence has these very sharp arrowheads and the animals, as they come through the ravine and the river valley, are trying to clear the fence,” Dhillon explained.

“We’ve heard of now four deer and a moose that have been caught up on the fence and have impaled themselves as they try to clear the fence, and either have died of their injuries or have had to be put down because their injuries were too extensive.”
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