Draggins turn wrenches to restore classic car up for raffle

Draggins turn wrenches to restore classic car up for raffle
“Right through complete deconstruction, right back through to reconstruction,” he said. “We restored it then modernized it.”

Draggins added a few upgrades to the two-door classic including electronic fuel injection and a brand new interior.

Konescsni explained over 50 pairs of hands turned wrenches on the project with their sights set on raffling off the car.

“We covered all the expenses,” he said, “with the help of wonderful sponsors so that every ticket that is sold goes to Camp Easter Seal .”

Alison Robertson with SaskAbilities said Draggins has donated over a million dollars in the last 65 years to support the camp located at Manitou Beach.

“It’s a place where people can go and for a week they can live life without limits,” she said. “They have no labels, no judgment it’s a place where everyone is perfect just the way they are.”

Konescsni said the 1964 Mercury would have originally rolled off the auto line and sold for $4,000, but Draggins has set their raffle goal of over $100,000.

Robertson said over 700 people stay at camp each year thanks to generous donations.

“Seeing that car just brought such big smiles to all of our faces when you think of all the hundreds of hours in care and attention that went into it,” she said.

Draggins hasn’t done a charity restoration project since 2007, but Konescsni said when they found this car they knew it was the right fit.

“We know that it has to be the right colour to attract the thousands of people you see here who want to win this car.”
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