Dramatic distracted driving exhibit promoting safety behind the wheel

Dramatic distracted driving exhibit promoting safety behind the wheel
A dramatic new art exhibit about the dangers of distracted driving is on display at Place Jacques-Cartier in Montreal’s Old Port.

The exhibition, “The Impactful Reminder,” is inspired by the stories of three Quebec victims.

With the help of pictures provided by the victims and their families, each car on display is a near-perfect replica of what the cars looked like after the accidents.

Exhibit-goers can text the number associated with each of the vehicles to hear statements from victims and those affected.

“By bringing in audio, we go from a still object to a scene that people can live,” said David Allard, senior creative director for Sid Lee.

A dramatic scene just steps away from city hall to promote safe driving. Texting behind the wheel was a factor in each of these collisions.

The interactive exhibit invites the public to hear the individual stories behind each crash. What they have in common: all the drivers were texting behind the wheel.

The goal of the project is to promote the uses of hands-free devices, as well as the “do not disturb” function while driving.

“Often, you think you are invincible when behind the wheel,” Allard said.

“[This is] to reminds you it can happen to anybody and it only takes three seconds. Often, the consequence are pretty big and change lives.”
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