Earth Day celebrations in full swing across Quebec

Earth Day celebrations in full swing across Quebec
Quebec Health Minister Danielle McCann planted a tree in front of St. Mary’s Hospital in Montreal on Monday as part of province-wide Earth Day celebrations and to encourage citizens to take action to better fight climate change.

As minister of health and social services, McCann also emphasized that green spaces play a role in people’s health by reducing stress and anxiety. Green spaces also contribute to the fight against heat islands, she added.

Richard Campeau, parliamentary assistant to the minister of the environment, said that the Coalition Avenir Québec government could certainly play a leadership role in countering the effects of climate change, but that it is also on Quebecers to change their habits.

Quebec Earth Day organizer Pierre Lussier said 350 activities of all kinds are planned throughout the province.

In Quebec City, a rally is expected to be held outside the National Assembly. A major protest is also planned in Montreal next Saturday as part of Earth Day week.
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