East Van Cross faces blockage as 10-storey building granted development permit

East Van Cross faces blockage as 10-storey building granted development permit
The City of Vancouver has approved a development permit for a 10-storey building on the lot immediately in front of the the East Van Cross.

The piece, an illuminated cross designed by artist Ken Lum and modelled on a historic piece of East Vancouver graffiti, was erected in 2010 at the corner of Clark Drive and East 6th Avenue and shines west across the False Creek Flats.

That area is at the centre of a major City of Vancouver development plan and remains one of the last industrial areas in Vancouver.

A development permit has been granted for this 10-storey building, which would partially obstruct views of the iconic East Van Cross.

Dialog Design

The new development, proposed by Dialog Design, will act as a headquarters for organic food company Nature’s Path, which is currently based out of Richmond.

The city does not own the land up for development but does own the land where the cross currently stands.

“While a proposed development will redefine the immediate surroundings of the monument, the city and the artist were aware that this land would be developed at the time the work was sited,” states a report to the Development Permit Board.

“And the architects are making efforts to protect certain views and provide design elements that act as a buffer between the monument and the new building.”

“The city has requested sight lines from the northwest to the monument should be protected, including those from the Expo Line,” adds the report.

According to the report, the new building would obstruct the cross from some angles but would maintain views from other vantage points.

The report says the new development would create 124,000 square feet of ideally located job space immediately adjacent to a SkyTrain station and will act as a “catalytic project at one of the gateways to the False Creek Flats.”
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