Edmonton’s Oliver Outdoor Pool won’t open this summer because of leaks: city

Edmonton’s Oliver Outdoor Pool won’t open this summer because of leaks: city
With summer just around the corner, many Edmontonians will be looking to cool off at local swimming holes but they won’t be able to do so at the popular Oliver Outdoor Pool this year.

“To further investigate, sections of the basin’s concrete floor were cut out to expose the pipe,” Christopher Webster said in an email. “A total of three leaks were repaired.”

However, Webster said the basin floor now needs to be patched with concrete and that the “electrical bonding of the basin rebar [needs to be] re-established.”

The city said the work is expected to take about three months to complete “due to curing time of the concrete and coating.”

As of Tuesday, the city had already opened Mill Creek Outdoor Pool, Fred Broadstock Outdoor Swimming Pool and Queen Elizabeth Outdoor Pool.
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