Edmonton vet found guilty of 4 animal-abuse related charges

Edmonton vet found guilty of 4 animal-abuse related charges
Dr. Jun Yang, 48, was in northeast Edmonton. He was also found guilty Monday of not providing the dogs with adequate food, water, shelter and space.

“It’s clear these dogs suffered physically, emotionally and psychologically,” judge Ferne LeReverend said.

Two dogs were seized from the Hollick Kenyon Veterinary Clinic in April 2016 after an extended period of abuse that began in August 2015.

The dogs were registered to the clinic and staying there as office dogs. The clinic had been responsible for the dogs’ daily care.

Yang is currently still practicing and has no restrictions against him, despite a request from the Crown prosecutor in the case.

“There is currently no conditions on him in respect to dealing with animals,” Christian Lim said. “The Crown, of course, is concerned with respect to the public interest that after a conviction – especially on four charges – that we wanted the court at least to consider some kind of restraining order, in essence, for dealing with animals.”

The dogs are still under the care of Animal Control and Lim said they are doing much better and will soon be looking for a new home.

“They have gained weight, they’re happy and they’re healthy.”

Yang will be sentenced on Friday morning. Lim said the Crown asked for a bit of time to determine an appropriate sentence.

“This is a veterinarian so a lot of people, of course, are trusting the veterinarian for their expertise,” he said.

“So we need to balance that out and look at the case law and exactly what is an appropriate sentence that deals with this specific situation here, which is of course very serious.”

Yang was found guilty under the Criminal Code of wilfully causing unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to two dogs, which carries a maximum jail sentence of 18 months.
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