‘Everybody adds a little bit of something’ to colourful Montreal food market

‘Everybody adds a little bit of something’ to colourful Montreal food market
The former Salada tea factory off Décarie Expressway has turned into a new venue for food lovers to experience. The market has been going strong since it kicked off in early March.

“We want people to dance, have a good time, eat, drink,” said Guy-Vincent Melo, the president of Quebec’s street food association. “It’s a beautiful place as well.”

Inside the colourful warehouse, visitors have several food trucks and kiosks to choose from each weekend. Below a sea of bright lights, there are tables for indoor-style picnics.

The market offers a mix of cuisine — ranging from lobster poutine to raclette — from local chefs. Artisanal beer, wine and cocktails are also available.

“Everybody adds a little bit of something,” said Melo. “And when you add the sum of all that, it makes a good party.”

Aside from food, there are musical performances and a DJ each weekend. For those looking to bring their kids, there are also hammocks for children.

For a city that is slammed by winter for months on end, the indoor food truck market seemed like an appropriate way to showcase Montreal’s culinary talent in the cold months.

The event was inspired by similar initiatives in London, Berlin and Kansas City.

“We said if it’s possible over there, we can do it here,” said Melo.

Salada Market, located at 5430 Côte-de-Liesse Road, is open every Friday and Saturday until April 27. You can find more information on the market’s website .
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