‘Everyone has a great time’: Annual Kelowna fair brings together women of all ages

‘Everyone has a great time’: Annual Kelowna fair brings together women of all ages
The lineup was out the door and around the corner before the annual Woman’s Fair had even begun at the Parkinson Recreation Centre in Kelowna.

“The Woman’s Fair is a one-day trade show filled with lots of local vendors selling all their goods and services. We’ve been around for a few years,” said event organizer Melissa Sinclair. “Women need to get out and empower each other a little bit more, and this is what we’re doing here today.”

From workshops to lectures and dozens of vendors showcasing their wares, there was lots to do and experience — especially for those looking for new beauty trends, like the facial magnet therapy offered by one vendor.

“Qi Beauty is needle-free facial rejuvenation. We utilize gold-plated magnets and a static magnetic field and we create a matrix over top of acupuncture points so we have these beautiful anti-aging results,” said Qi Beauty consultant Lisa Dallin.

There were tasty treats, makeovers and lots of clothing, makeup and other products.

International Women’s Day was celebrated last week on March 8, and the goal of the fair is to honour that day by bringing women together to connect, bond and learn, with the added bonus of some great shopping.

“I have been coming here for three years,” said one vendor. “Seeing all the women, all the events, the mom bosses, everybody — it’s just amazing.”

Another vendor was excited to meet and connect with other ladies.

“You meet so many women — whether they’re a vendor, whether they’re someone visiting — and you get a chance to talk about what we love about the Okanagan and what we love about each other.”

For those looking for inspiration, there was lots of motivation, especially from the emcee and guest speaker, Annie Pool, who battled incurable cancer and lived to tell the tale.

“In order to do the impossible and to overcome something like an incurable cancer diagnosis, I had to become someone who had hero-like qualities,” said Pool before her lecture.

The event has been running for over a decade, and hundreds of women of all ages and backgrounds were anticipated to attend.

“I just love being here with all the women and just helping each other and providing all the things that women could come in here and buy, shop, learn. And everyone just has a great time,” Sinclair said.
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