Family of Edmonton boy fighting leukemia given unexpected gift: ‘It’s a huge help for us’

Family of Edmonton boy fighting leukemia given unexpected gift: ‘It’s a huge help for us’
Pamela Johnson, Tristan’s mother, said the family was told there was a surprise for them at the auto body shop but she had no idea the magnitude of what was going to happen. Johnson teared up as the family went to look at their new vehicle.

“I was extremely emotional,” she said.

“It’s like the greatest thing they could have ever done for us.”

Rob Castor, Tristan’s father, said one of the family’s vehicle was just in an accident and will be out of commission for a month and their other vehicle is having engine trouble.

“It’s going to give us a safe means to get Tristan to Calgary and for Pam to drive around the city,” he said.

“It’s a huge help for us. We couldn’t have done it without this new vehicle.”

Johnson said Tristan’s medical battle has been tough financially and members of the community have been coming together to help the family of seven out.

“We weren’t expecting it at all. It feels like a lot came off our shoulders,” she said.

“Now there’s more passenger room. We can actually all go together, not drive two vehicles.”

Byers said Tristan’s story caught his attention last fall.

“Anytime you see a kid that’s going through some hardship and stuff like that, it hits you,” he said.
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