Former Saskatoon massage therapist already serving time for sexual assault gets four more years

Former Saskatoon massage therapist already serving time for sexual assault gets four more years
SASKATOON—A former Saskatoon massage therapist who was already serving time for sexually assaulting a woman on a date has now been handed an additional four-year sentence for sexually assaulting six female clients.

Mark Donlevy, 51, pleaded guilty earlier this year to six counts of sexual assault, and will serve his new sentence consecutively with the three years he is already serving in relation to the previous case from 2004.

Donlevy apologized in court Monday prior to being sentenced, saying it was never his intention to harm anyone.

Court previously heard the victims came forward after hearing news reports last year about the earlier case.

One woman told court during a sentencing hearing in September that she became fearful after Donlevy sent her a message following her assault, saying he was disappointed in her.

Donlevy is currently appealing his previous three-year sentence.

“I’d like to apologize from the deepest depths of my heart. It was never my intention or my desires to harm anyone. I am regretful, I am remorseful and I am truly sorry,” he told court in Saskatoon on Monday.

The Crown had been seeking a seven-and-a-half-year sentence for Donlevy while the defence was asking for a two-to-three year sentence.

Justice Brian Scherman said four years was appropriate given Donlevy’s existing sentence, age and health. He also ordered that Donlevy serve his sentence in a federal penitentiary.

Defence lawyer Alan McIntyre says they will review what the judge has said and will discuss what to do.

Crown Prosecutor Sheryl Fillo says other possible victims may come forward.

“I’ve heard from other people that they may be reporting matters, so I urge anyone else that has something to come forward,” she said.
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