Going bald: Female blogger tries to lessen the stigma associated with hair loss

Going bald: Female blogger tries to lessen the stigma associated with hair loss
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When people first meet Renee Merson, they assume she has cancer. She isn’t sick, but she does suffer from alopecia universalis, or total hair loss.

“It’s difficult. It’s difficult every day. I have good days, I have bad days,” Merson said from her home in the West Island.

Merson, 49, first started losing her hair 11 years ago after a stressful divorce. It started coming out in clumps in the shower.

“It would just be more and more patches, hair loss, hair covering the pillows, covering the floors, the whole bathroom. It was just too much, it was a terrible feeling,” Merson said.

Eventually, her hair grew back. Last year, though, it started falling out again, initially in clumps, and then eventually all over her body.

“I am completely hairless. I have no hair at all. My eyebrows are micro-lidded, my eyelids are tattooed.”

Merson tried wearing wigs, but they were uncomfortable. So she started leaving the house bald.

“It was hard. It was very hard,” she said. “When I am out by myself I just do my own thing, but I can feel heads spinning around after.”
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