Ice believed to have fallen from airplane crashes through roof of Mississauga home

Ice believed to have fallen from airplane crashes through roof of Mississauga home
“At first I thought that I had a leak in the roof and then it built up the ice, and then it fell off,” Caccavo said.

“But when I came home after my wife called, I saw the hole and I said, ‘No way, that must have come from the air.’”

He said the force of the impact threw a few of the ice chunks under the bed several feet away.

“I was going nuts. I said, ‘What the hell?’ We’re not safe here, even being at home sleeping. One minute can change everything. We are very lucky in a way,” Caccavo said.

“Two metres a little bit [one] way, it would have got my wife. Four metres [to another] side, it would have got my son. And half an hour before, it would have got me because I left at 6 o’clock to go to work.”

He said they are waiting for answers from officials about what happened. Caccavo said his insurance company has agreed to cover most of the damage.

According to archived flight data on the airport’s website, a Boeing 767-300 flying to Toronto from Las Vegas flew over Caccavo’s neighbourhood at 6:29 a.m.

Archived flight data shows a Boeing 767-300 flying over Caccavo’s neighbourhood Wednesday morning.

Screenshot / Toronto Pearson International Airport

WestJet Flight 1119 from Las Vegas was estimated to have arrived at Pearson airport at 6:53 a.m. A spokesperson for the airline was unavailable for comment Wednesday evening.

When asked about the damage, aviation expert Jock Williams said it’s highly likely the ice came from an airplane.

“A five-pound object dropping from 10,000 feet – or 20,000, or whatever — will go through any house or roof you want to put up.”

Williams said ice buildup on planes doesn’t form in boulders like the ones shown by Caccavo, but rather in thin sheets. He speculated on a couple of causes for the ice falling.

“Maybe when they cycled the gear down to land, then a hunk of the ice was knocked free,” he said, adding there may have been a leak point in the landing gear well.

The other theory was that uncontaminated liquid pumped into the lavatory system by personnel on the ground may have built up just inside the compartment door and came free during the flight.

“All you need is a little bit of turbulence,” Williams said.

“It throws a hunk of ice that weighs a couple of pounds against a very thin, aluminum door. It opens the door, the ice falls out, the door falls back into place and is pushed in by the air pressure.”

He said this type of incident isn’t unheard of, adding there could be many more incidents in unoccupied areas.

“There are probably a lot more of these things then we know about because the ice lands in somebody’s backyard or it lands in some place nobody ever finds it,” Williams said.

— With files from Kamil Karamali

Caccavo said there was a big noise around 6:30 this morning. The ice chunks landed in the master bedroom closet and slid under the bed.
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